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Art Work

Art Work

Empack production art experts bridge the gap between design and prepress steps, building mechanicals to specific printing processes, while maintaining brand continuity.

Our production art departments have an extensive range of capabilities including: packaging regulatory expertise (food & drug, electronics, etc.), style guide execution with the ability to maintain brand across various product lines, structures, and printing process, mock-up production for cartons, labels, heat seal pouches and bags using multiple stocks and several different processes.

Packaging Design

Packaging Line Extension

Art Production

Prepress Services

Color Separation

Clean Up / One Up File

Color Correction

Renders / 3D Renders (360)

Barcode / QR Code / DataMatrix

DCS /PSD Files

File/Mechanical Art Assembly

Packaging Regulatory Performance

Artwork Guidelines

Color Book / Guidelines

Print Production

Print Production

As a specialist in packaging design and printing solutions we support our clients with some fundamental business practices that can help.

Our state-of-the art- color management systems allows clients to improve brand consistency, we provide documentation, training, technicals audits, measurement & database recording, reporting and continuous improvement to achieve optimal results. Empack Graphics has been helping clients control color management challenges for many years and our success has resulted in long-term client relationships that are built on trust and quality of work.

Press Characterization

FingerPrint Report

Print Production Support

PressCheck Report

Print Quality Enhance

Color Standars

Color Management Process

Color Proof

Ink Management

Press Profile Generator

PDF Printer CS Review

Supplier Auditing & Reporting

Supplier Rating

Shelf Product Analysis

Certification / Audit

Package Evaluation

Colour Lab

Measurement & Analysis

Ink Development



Making sure that your project travels from point A to point B accurately, efficiently, and expeditiously is what we at Empack Graphics do best.

Our Project Management Process ensures that project workflow is customized and adjusted for specific customer requirements, monitored for efficiency and errors, and evaluated once the job is delivered. We’re always looking for improvements and are constantly on the lookout for ways to exceed our clients expectations.

Digital Asset Management

Inhouse Management

Planning for New Identity Change

Planning for New Regulatory Change

Packaging Change Rate

Artwork Management Process

Artwork Approval Process



As part of the development of new products and the new image of the consolidated we understand the needs for prototyping process for their proper assessments with consumers, that is why we have the service of the production of prototypes in different materials like corrugated kraft, foil, plastic among others. These prototypes can be supported by digital renders for more realistic appearance at prototyping process.

Mock Ups / Sales Samples

Flexible Packaging

Pouch Pack Stand UP

Folding Carton


PSL Transparent / Foil Labels

Brand Developers

Brand Developers

We combine strategy and ambition to create a visual idea that makes your product stand out in the crowd, since the creation of the name, product shots to line extensions we support companies to develop brands and position in the minds of consumers. 

The right creative idea is one of the most important tools for differentiating your brand from your competitors. Our design professionals listen to what you are saying and can quickly focus in on your vision and translate your ideas and brand strategy into concepts and designs that will most definitely put your brand front and center in the mind of the consumer.

Creative Services

Graphic & Industrial Design

Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Brand Performance

Brand Extension

New Product Development

Name Building

Product Shooting

Digital Video

Market Analysis

Market Evaluation

Image Score

Brand Registration

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